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From Me to Another

Spring 2000

Images and Text by Chris Jones

In 1999, I decided to revisit my previous schools, Oldfallings Junior and Wolverhampton Grammar, to produce a documentary work looking at everyday life in these environments. Obviously, these institutions have a tremendous affect on a person and can shape their life to come in so many ways. I wanted to get a glimpse of what these schools were like now and attempt to put into perspective my time at these institutions. For the projects I decided to work in my usual style with a 35mm lens and b/w uprated film. 


During the work process, I decided that there would be 2 separate pieces. One would be a straightforward documentary piece entitled ‘From One to Another’, printed and presented in a traditional exhibition form. The other would be a more personal exploration of key moments from my school years, using old photographs, documents and newspaper clippings in the form of a text and image bookwork, entitled ‘From Me to Another’. The original idea was to produce the images using the bromoil process, but that changed once I saw the images printed on Document Art prior to bleaching and bromoiling. They were much darker (in readiness for bleaching) and lent themselves better to the piece. For the website I have lightened the images for viewing purposes. 


‘From One to Another’ was exhibited at Wolverhampton Grammar and Oldfallings Junior in the Spring of 2000. ‘From One to Another’ and ‘From Me to Another’ were both exhibited at Wolverhampton University as part of my BA conversion course, in June 2000.


Technical Info (for all works in From Me to Another) :

Ilford HP5 film uprated to 1600ASA

Minolta 35mm camera with 35mm lens

Printed on Kentmere Document Art photographic paper

All images/text on 30 x 30 cm pages (Bockingford 300g)

Book bound by the artist

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